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Rebecca Cannon passed away suddenly from a rare illness in July 2014 at the age of 22.

She went to school in Dorking and worked hard, excelling at Maths, which resulted in a first class Maths degree at Nottingham University.


As well as her commitment to studying she was full of vitality, living life at an energetic pace. Rebecca was kind, caring and loving and never stuck for words - she had a beautiful smile, a feisty personality, and a passionate determination to make a difference in this world.


She was in her first year training to be an accountant in London when she died, with a stack of Big Issue magazines still sitting on her desk bought from her local vendor in support of the homeless. Her friends and family, who she loved so much and who loved her and her compassionate nature, were determined to set up a Fund as a lasting legacy to Rebecca.


We wanted to arrange and promote fundraising activities to honour her, have fun together, and make a difference to young people who may not have the advantages that were awarded to Rebecca in her lifetime.

The Rebecca Cannon Vitality Fund awards grants to individuals (via a professional agency recommendation) and non-profit organisations in Surrey aiming to offer a brighter future to disadvantaged young people by helping them raise aspirations and gain confidence through counselling, training or developing new skills; and combat social isolation, particularly helping overcome homelessness.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Initially the Fund was established within the Community Foundation for Surrey to enable fundraising to begin in earnest before the end of 2014. We have been very grateful to Community Foundation for Surrey for their help and support enabling us to award grants totalling in excess of £85,000 benefitting 9 organisations and 4 individuals.

In July 2020 the Rebecca Cannon Vitality Fund was registered as a charitable trust (ref no 1194948) and our aim continues, to support disadvantaged young people in memory of Rebecca. 

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RCVF team at Amber

We love to hear from from new people and organisations we could support.

Get in touch today if you have an idea for a fundraising event or an organisation we could support. 

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