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In December 2021 we awarded our first grant to:

Dorking Cobras (8) Dorking Cobras FC | Facebook is a local mixed football team providing grassroots opportunities to young people who may not have the same advantages as others and who may otherwise not have access to football. We awarded a grant in December 2021 of £1654 for a new football kit, jog suits and footballs.

In 2022 we awarded 7 grants to:

We awarded £5000 towards the cost of a bedspace for a young person’s stay at Farm Place in Ockley, a supported housing centre for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

We awarded £5000 to cover the cost of 4 courses developing positive mental wellbeing for targeted students who attend Ashcombe School.

GASP Motor Project (near Albury, Guildford) GASP Motor Project

We awarded £5000 to fund a 12 week course for disenfranchised young people to support their progress towards training and employment.

We awarded £4800 for counselling disadvantaged young people who are in difficulty and crisis.

We awarded £500 for a laptop and gym membership to an individual who had stayed with Amber at Farm Place and is about to go to university – a great achievement and we wish her well in her studies.

We awarded £5000 to LYP for key work which provides more targeted form of support to young people identified as a high level of need, where there are concerns for the young person’s wellbeing, safety and self esteem and who are struggling with the education system.

*Step by Step – Extended Supported Lodgings Service Step by Step: Young People Charity | Youth Homeless Prevention

We awarded £5000 towards an ‘Extended Supported lodgings Service’ to support vulnerable young people in the Supported Lodgings system to gain the life skills needed for independent living after reaching the age of 18.

We had a wonderful Volunteering Day on 20th August at Farm Place, Ockley where Amber are based creating a peaceful seating area next to the allotment. Many thanks to all who took part.

We are so very grateful to the individual amazing fundraisers who have supported us, most recently Ben, Liam, Rachel, Jess & Joe.

2023 1 grant awarded so far:

YMCA East Surrey Home - YMCA East Surrey

We awarded £4160 for a group challenge project for young people who are in a housing crisis, feeling isolated, and with mental health conditions to work together building their confidence and resilience to climb Ben Nevis.

*Update received from Step by Step ‘The placement you have kindly funded has supported three young people in the past year, giving them the extra time they needed to be able to move on to sustainable independent living…. With your support, we have had the resources we needed to make an enormous difference in helping these young people to overcome barriers to progress and realise their potential.’

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